God’s Greatness || Random Ramblings #3

Hey and welcome back to my blog! Today, I wanted to remind you all how Great and Powerful the Lord is! God still uses and speaks through people, even today. He's still the amazing miracle worker that He was in the bible, and He loves us more than ever. He knows everything about us, which... Continue Reading →

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My Summer Bucket List

Hello all, and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today I'm gonna share with you guys some of what's on my summer bucket list! Granted, most of these things will probably end up getting done over the summers to come, but it's still fun to gather all the things I wanna do into a... Continue Reading →

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I’m back!

Hello everyone! well I'm back from my summer dance intensive, and it was so fun! I learned so much, and met so many wonderful new people! The first full day (Monday) felt like it was 3 days long 😂 But as the week went on, it went by so fast! We had chapel in the... Continue Reading →

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A Birthday Surprise for Liz — Inside Miriam’s Mind

https://www.youtube.com/embed/XVAC6A9ttgg?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent Hello and welcome! I’ve got some great news: we’re celebrating Liz’s birthday today! Liz @ Above The Clouds is an incredibly sweet blogger! She’s loves reading, dancing, music, dogs, and most importantly, Jesus! Her friends and I put together a birthday video to celebrate this lovely lady! Please, if you haven’t already, wish this... Continue Reading →

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Amber Talks Dance, Favorite Bible Verses, and More | The Emmie Show Ep. 4

Hey guys! I just did a collab post on Emmie’s blog! Go check it out and make sure to follow her!!

Diary of a Daydreamer

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

Hey daydreamers! Welcome back to another episode of the Emmie Show! In case you’re new here, on the Emmie Show I interview different bloggers all about their blogging journey, advice, and other fun questions.

Today I’m going to be interviewing Amber from Dancing For The Holy One! I loved how this post turned out, and I’m excited for you to read it. We chatted all about dance, pointe, blogging, and more. My questions are in bold font and her answers are in regular. All of the photos in this post are from Amber’s photo gallery. Okay, let’s get to the post!

View original post 632 more words

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Random Ramblings #2

Hello guys! So before I get into my actual random ramblings, I wanted to let you all know something. I want this blog to be glorifying to Christ, and want you all to get a glimpse of Him, through my writing. I always want to be writing more posts that pertain to my faith, Christianity,... Continue Reading →

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Ballet update!

Hello guys! As I've mentioned before in this post, I am very busy this month! But I figured I'd hop on here and tell ya'll how dance has been going, since rehearsals have started, and the performance is next week! (!!!!!!!!!) Image found on the web We had our last class of the year on... Continue Reading →

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Answering all of your questions

Hey ya'll; I'm back with my answering your questions about dance, post! I'm just gonna jump into it. (questions will be in bold) What is your favorite part about dancing? Hmmm.. The fact that I can use my gifts to glorify the One who gave them to me! It brings me so much joy to... Continue Reading →

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Life update + my photos from May

Hello all! Well........ it is officially June. June is always just a crazy time for me; Between finishing up school, graduations to go to etc. it gets really busy! Also, June is the time our annual recital/performance for ballet is! This year the theme for the younger girls (lower school) is Creation, and for the... Continue Reading →

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Give me your questions!!

Hey guys! First of all, I'm just gonna tell you right away that this post is gonna be really quick and short. I've had a lot of school stuff going on, and I have a test in class today, which means I MUST STUDY in order for me to do remotely well 😂 Just kidding,... Continue Reading →

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The Aesthete Blogger Award

Hello, and welcome back to my blog, ya'll! I saw that I actually got nominated for this award quite a while back, and I had to do a post on it before I forgot 😂 So first of all, thanks SO much, Heidi For nominating me!! Here are the rules: Use the official logo/graphic of... Continue Reading →

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Everyone has to make a decision.

I have been so blessed to grow up in a strong Christian home. I've been taught from a young age about the bible, God, Jesus Christ etc. And having that early Christian influence has been so good. I pretty much became a Christian as early as I can remember... That was a long time ago.... Continue Reading →

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100+ Followers

Hey all! I wanted to write a quick little post to THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for 100+ followers!! The community here at Dancing for the Holy One is amazing, and I’m shocked that it has grown to over 100 in just under 5 months!!! This post is to thank all of you who have... Continue Reading →

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Things people think about / associate with dance

Hello all, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I'm talking about some things people commonly think about and associate with dance / dancers (specifically ballet). I'll be addressing and talking about these assumptions! I think there a lot of false assumptions about dancers. And I thought I'd let you guys know what they are... Continue Reading →

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Mothers Day tribute

I wanted to write a short post and say THANK YOU to all the moms out there. You guys do way more than you know!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!! ❤ Mothers are such a blessing to have in our lives; Let's take today to thank them for all the work that they do, and the love... Continue Reading →

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April photos + A little April recap

Hey all! Today’s gonna be my April photo dump. So get ready to see a lot of pictures! 😂 In April, I really enjoyed the few weeks of sunshine that we had!!! I didn’t have a lot of spare time to work on extra projects or anything, but I still felt pretty productive. At ballet,... Continue Reading →

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Outstanding original blogger award || I got nominated!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I while back, I got nominated for the Outstanding Original Blogger Award! I was, to say the least, shocked 😂 But thanks so much Hreem, for nominating me! It means a lot!! Alrightly, let's get onto the rest... Continue Reading →

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Random Ramblings #1

Hello! I've decided to start a "series" called Random Ramblings! These posts will pretty much just be my random thoughts on various things. I usually write these thoughts down in a notebook or journal, and that way I can save them for when I want to post a Random Ramblings post. These are my personal... Continue Reading →

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Finding your identity

Finding your own identity can be hard. Sometimes we try to find it in objects, how much money we have, material things. And it's so hard that it can feel impossible. Well, that's because it is. If you try to put your value and identity in material things, it will just leave you unsatisfied, and... Continue Reading →

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Answering your Assumptions!

Hey guys! Today I'll be answering your assumptions about me! Assumptions from Reagan You love lemon flavored things In general, I do! You like to go on vacation Yes, but who doesn't?! We don't go on vacation often, which makes it all the more special and fun when we do go on one! You wear... Continue Reading →

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Semi-New month + Some of my current favorite songs

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com Hello guys! Well, it's April!!! It's amazing how fast time flies. January, February, and March were all pretty routine for me. Lots of school, lots of ballet classes, lots of life lol. A general recap of January and February would be this: At the beginning of 2021, Ballet at... Continue Reading →

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My friend started a blog!! || En Pointe Writing

Hey guys! Welcome back to Dancing for the Holy One!! If you couldn't tell, I'm REALLLLLLLLY excited, because one of my really good friends Grace started a blog!!!!! I've known her for years now, and her heart for the Lord is amazing and truly inspiring. She's a gifted writer, and dancer as well! We dance... Continue Reading →

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My Photos from March

Hello! Welcome back to Dancing for the Holy One! I collected some photos in March and decided I’d make a “photo dump” post with them! Well, I’ll get straight into it! we hatched chicks! My ballet studio’s sign! I always love walking in and seeing this every day 😊my ballet bag and water 💦my ballet... Continue Reading →

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Happy Good Friday!

Hey guys! I just wanted to hop on and wish you all a happy, wonderful & meaningful Good Friday! It is a day to really remember and recognize what sacrifice was made for you and me, on Calvary. Jesus Christ came to us in the flesh, lived among us, experiencing our daily life, living our... Continue Reading →

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I need your assumptions!!

Hellooooooo, and welcome back to my blog everyone! In a couple/a few weeks (haven't really decided exactly when lol), I'll be doing an assumptions about me post! Now, I can't publish it unless or until YOU comment and give me your assumptions! All I need you to do is comment down below, and type some... Continue Reading →

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My pointe shoes over the years

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! The most requested post category from my latest blog post poll, was Dance! Today I’ll be showing you guys my pointe shoes from over the years. I’ve only been en pointe for 3 years, but I have at least 8-9 pairs... I’ll give you non-dancers (and maybe dancers... Continue Reading →

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Gluten free Dairy free Chocolate Cake!

Hey guys! A while back I wanted to make a Chocolate cake for my moms birthday! My mom can’t have gluten or dairy however. So, I went looking for a good gluten free dairy free chocolate cake recipe! But I didn’t have to look far! Theresa at DIY Lifestyle, did a post on allergy friendly... Continue Reading →

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Random thoughts

Hello all, and welcome back to Dancing for the holy One! I wrote this while in the car for a few hours last night, and I decided I'd share my random thoughts with you guys!....

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What I’ve Learned Since Turning 16 …. (part 1.) — Yah’s Girl

A few months ago … I turned 16! I actually didn’t want to turn 16. All my life, I’ve been dying to be older, but as I’ve actually attained those ages that were so eagerly anticipated, I’ve realized that with the perks and the privileges come a ton of responsibilities too. Now, I’m scared to […]What... Continue Reading →

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Happiness vs. Joy

I originally had a totally different post planned for me to write, but for some reason it didn't seem important. At least not as important as the topic I'm talking about today! The topic of Happiness vs. Joy has been on my mind this past week a lot. In this post, I will just be talking about the differences between the two, and what the bible tells us about them.

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Q&A Time!

Hello All!! I hope your having a wonderful day! Today I'm doing my Q&A post! I got LOTS of questions so I had to pick and choose a bit, but let's get straight into it!! What is your favorite family memory? There are so many!! But one that stands out is when we went to... Continue Reading →

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God will turn the tables

Hey! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day! Today, I wanted to tell you guys about a YouTube 'series' called Give Him 15. If you head over to the YouTube channel here, you'll meet a man named Dutch Sheets. He is the executive director of Christ for the Nations Institute and an internationally recognized author, teacher, and conference speaker.

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Some tips for being more productive with school/studying/homework!

Hey! Today I'm gonna try and give ya'll some tips on being more motivated/productive with school work! I personally struggle SO much with being productive when it comes to school. The biggest thing for me, is to just start workin' on school! Warning, I am homeschooled so a lot of these tips are especially great for homeschoolers, or really anyone who devotes a good amount of time to schoolwork when their at home. 😉

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Hey guys! Over the weekend we got a ton of snow! It was quite amazing. We got about 14 inches, and we usually only get about 2-3 inches. We haven't gotten this much snow since 2008.... that's 13 years! 😧

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Hello, and happy weekend! Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite quotes, along with just good quotes in general! I will also be adding a few iPhone wallpapers at the end, so stick around!

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The Mysterious Key

Hey! Today I'll be sharing one of my stories that I've written. I'm not done with it yet, but I've written quite a bit. Hopefully it's not too boring!!! Without further adieu.... here is my story called The Mysterious Key! She opened the door to the little shed, not knowing what would be inside.  Slowly,... Continue Reading →

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Why I dance

Hello guys! Today I am going to tell you why I dance, how big of a role it is in my life, and possibly my whole dance journey! First off, I started dancing when I was 3 years old. Ok, I was actually 2 and a half, but whatever. (I started dancing at The Joy... Continue Reading →

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I often find myself thinking about tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I sometimes get so caught up in what the future will hold, that I forget about one of the most important things: today. The bible talks about this very thing. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about... Continue Reading →

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Welcome to my blog!!

Hello, and welcome to my blog!! I am a Christian, art lover, ballet dancer, baker, and homeschooler. The purpose of this blog, is to share a little bit of what my life is like, as a Christ follower and homeschooler. This is my first blog, so please have some grace as I try and navigate... Continue Reading →

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It’s Our Fourth Birthday! (Mini Giveaway & Survey!) — Joyfully You

Hey y’all! It’s Amber here!👋 Go check out Joyfuly You, it’s such a wonderful blog; so encouraging and God honoring! You can check it out by visiting the blog post that I’m sharing, down below! “It’s that time of yearrrrrr!! We are SO excited to be celebrating our fourth birthday with you all!! We say... Continue Reading →

Giveaway number 2 and 3

heyo, its meg

Hi guys! I am so sorry I have not been on for so long.

But I have some news.

I am going to FINALLY start the last two giveaways promised.

Enter here:


The two things that are being given out are…

1st spin: A Junk Journal from creativetempo

2nd spin: A Boho Sticker Pack from MCdesigns21

Many thanks to all my sponsors! Please check out their shops and buy something!

Enter soon because the giveaway ends this Tuesday (June 8).

Thank you, and we will be back to my normal posting schedule soon!

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