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Why my schedule has been so crazyyyy!! Blogmas post #6

Hey guys! Today I’ll be updating you on why I’ve been so busy this Christmas Season! As y’all probably know, nutcracker is something that happens every year, and is a common Christmas tradition for a lot of people! My local Nutcracker that a company puts on every year had decided to do masks full time,... Continue Reading →

Cookie Decorating Contest // reblog!!

Christmas time is here and I am so excited! I want to kickstart this Advent season with a special cookie decorating contest. Anyone can enter, and …Cookie Decorating Contest Hey y’all it’s Amber here! I’m planning on doing this if I can, and I’m so excited!! If you love baking or want to get into... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tag || blogmas post #5

Hey y’all! So... I was like “oh I should create a tag! Let’s call it The Christmas Tag” (I know, so creative right 😂) but I’m sure that this tag is already a thing, so I won’t be taking complete credit for coming up with it haha (but I will take some 😂😂) so yes... Continue Reading →

Doodling journey // ft. Maggie!

Hey guys! A while ago me and Maggie from Maggies doodles wanted to do swapped guest posts, and I wrote her mine and that got up in April! And now we’ve finally continued the swap and now Maggie is appearing on my blog! Maggie is a doodle artist, and shares that creativity through her blog!!... Continue Reading →

My personal Christmas bucket list // blogmas post #4

Hello again y’all! There are so many things to do during the Christmas season (I’ll probably do a general post on things you can do in December!), so today I’ll be sharing some of my personal goals/what’s on my bucket list for this year’s December! Go sledding (if we get snow)Bake a pieBake sugar cookies... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas part 2 (for the dancer) // blogmas post #3

Hey all! Today I’ll be continuing the post I did last time! Except today I’ll be talking about gift ideas for the dancer in your life! Of course we gotta start off with some dance related shirts😂 (Click on photo to open link) This one is a great one for any ballet dancer you know!... Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas part 1 // blogmas post #2

Hello all! Today I’ll be sharing some good possible gifts for girls! I know finding gift ideas (especially if you’re a last minute shopper) can be really hard!! So ya! These are some ideas that I think would be so cute to give to a girl in your life; whether it’s one of your best... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2021 // blogmas post #1

Hey guys! So if you don’t know, there’s this thing around the blogosphere called blogmas. Basically you post everyday in December up to Christmas! (Also, I re designed my blog to be festiveeeeee!!! How do you think it turned out?) This is the first year I have been a blogger over the Christmas season, so... Continue Reading →


Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted in a loooong while, but I’m finally getting to doing a post, and I’m glad that it’s a post on Thanksgiving! I think a lot of the time, the mainstream media and the world in general, has made Thanksgiving pretty much a day to get together with people... Continue Reading →

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