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First post of the New Year + little life update

Hello guys!

I haven’t posted since Christmas Day, and since blogmas!

A lot has been going on in my life, and I wanted to give you all an update!

On Christmas break, I did a workout challenge with some of my friends at ballet! I always struggle with keeping active over breaks (spring break, summer break, Christmas break etc.), and I wanted to do better with that!

So everyone who participated tracked what workouts they were doing and how many! I ended up doing around 25 workouts in 2-ish weeks, and it all adds up to almost 9.5 hours! Getting back to the studio the first week in January, wasn’t too hard because of the workouts I did! It’s definitely good to keep active when you have a break from regular activities; that way when you get back into things, you won’t be too out of shape!!

The first week in January was hectic. It felt like I was just thrown into school, ballet, and teaching!!! But it’s been going pretty well non the less.

As for what will be happening with the blog, I’m not sure how often I will get to post, and I’m still brainstorming post ideas!

I want to start to post more about my Faith, and my random deep thoughts. I think those posts are really important. More important than my normal posts. Encouraging and uplifting other Christians with words of encouragement and thoughts on Christianity, is so important. I want to strive to use this blog to bring glory to my Heavenly Father, and to be a good community for other Christians, and anyone who will listen! As a follower of Christ, I am called to tell people about Him and what He has done for you and me. And that is what I want to be doing!

So anyways that’s what’s been going on, and ya! HAPPY 2022 guys!!!! That’s crazy!!!

I hope you all have had a great January thus far!

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