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Christmas Joy Tag! // blogmas post #12

Helloooo!! Welcome or welcome back to Dancing for the Holy One! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeee so exciting!!!!! Well, let’s get onto the post!! I was nominated by Heidi to do this tag, and it’s so perfect for just before Christmas! I love Heidi’s blog, she talks a lot about life, bullet journaling, and so much more!!... Continue Reading →

Our performance Rejoice pt 2! // blogmas post #11

Hello guys! Today I’ll be finishing up on telling you all about the Christmas performance I danced in and helped organize! If you haven’t seen the part 1 to this post, click here! Once Monday came, my adrenaline was pumping from first thing in the morning! Me and a few other people had to be... Continue Reading →

Favorite Christmas Movies! // blogmas post #9

Hello guys! Christmas is almost upon us, and it’s the time to watch lots of Christmas movies! Some years it seems like there are only a few Christmas movies out there, and other years it seems like there are SO many!! But, I’m here to share some of my favorite Christmas movies; classics and all!... Continue Reading →

Christmas Aesthetics || blogmas post #7

Hello!! Today I’ll be sharing some Christmas themed photos I’ve found throughout the internet! Ahhh it just gets me in such a Christmassy mood!! So here they are! Christmas is so beautiful, wherever you live in the world! Though as someone who lives in the US, it’s always crazy for me to think the people... Continue Reading →

Why my schedule has been so crazyyyy!! Blogmas post #6

Hey guys! Today I’ll be updating you on why I’ve been so busy this Christmas Season! As y’all probably know, nutcracker is something that happens every year, and is a common Christmas tradition for a lot of people! My local Nutcracker that a company puts on every year had decided to do masks full time,... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tag || blogmas post #5

Hey y’all! So... I was like “oh I should create a tag! Let’s call it The Christmas Tag” (I know, so creative right 😂) but I’m sure that this tag is already a thing, so I won’t be taking complete credit for coming up with it haha (but I will take some 😂😂) so yes... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas part 2 (for the dancer) // blogmas post #3

Hey all! Today I’ll be continuing the post I did last time! Except today I’ll be talking about gift ideas for the dancer in your life! Of course we gotta start off with some dance related shirts😂 (Click on photo to open link) This one is a great one for any ballet dancer you know!... Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas part 1 // blogmas post #2

Hello all! Today I’ll be sharing some good possible gifts for girls! I know finding gift ideas (especially if you’re a last minute shopper) can be really hard!! So ya! These are some ideas that I think would be so cute to give to a girl in your life; whether it’s one of your best... Continue Reading →

Blogmas 2021 // blogmas post #1

Hey guys! So if you don’t know, there’s this thing around the blogosphere called blogmas. Basically you post everyday in December up to Christmas! (Also, I re designed my blog to be festiveeeeee!!! How do you think it turned out?) This is the first year I have been a blogger over the Christmas season, so... Continue Reading →

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