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Autumn photos I’ve collected

Hello everyone! Today I’ll just be sharing all the fall photos I’ve gotten so far! I absolutely love autumn and it’s my favorite season. There are so many amazing colors that pop out, and it makes the greens and reds and oranges just so vibrant!! I hope you all take some time to go outside... Continue Reading →

It’s fall!

Hello guys! Long time no see, right?? Well, It's autumn, and I'm so happy!!!!! Autumn is my favorite season. All the colors, the rain returning, and the crispness of the air! So today I'm posting some fall inspiration photos; as I wait for the vibrant colors to come to my little neighborhood! (most of these... Continue Reading →

Monthly Update + My photos from June and July

Hello all! Can you believe that it’s August already?!?? I certainly can’t!!! Anyways, I didn’t get to write a Photos From My Month post for June! I was so busy, as it was a month full of rehearsals, performances, and a summer dance intensive. So today I’ll be posting photos from both my June and... Continue Reading →

Life update + my photos from May

Hello all! Well........ it is officially June. June is always just a crazy time for me; Between finishing up school, graduations to go to etc. it gets really busy! Also, June is the time our annual recital/performance for ballet is! This year the theme for the younger girls (lower school) is Creation, and for the... Continue Reading →

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