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Our performance Rejoice pt 2! // blogmas post #11

Hello guys! Today I’ll be finishing up on telling you all about the Christmas performance I danced in and helped organize! If you haven’t seen the part 1 to this post, click here! Once Monday came, my adrenaline was pumping from first thing in the morning! Me and a few other people had to be... Continue Reading →

Our performance Rejoice pt. 1 || blogmas post #8

Hey guys!! I’m back! Today I’ll be sharing how our performance Rejoice went! This story will be coming in parts, so this is part 1. Saturday was one of our last dress rehearsals, so we did costumes and full makeup. For that dress rehearsal, I was there from 10:15am to 2:40pm! Because I was an... Continue Reading →

Why my schedule has been so crazyyyy!! Blogmas post #6

Hey guys! Today I’ll be updating you on why I’ve been so busy this Christmas Season! As y’all probably know, nutcracker is something that happens every year, and is a common Christmas tradition for a lot of people! My local Nutcracker that a company puts on every year had decided to do masks full time,... Continue Reading →

Gift ideas part 2 (for the dancer) // blogmas post #3

Hey all! Today I’ll be continuing the post I did last time! Except today I’ll be talking about gift ideas for the dancer in your life! Of course we gotta start off with some dance related shirts😂 (Click on photo to open link) This one is a great one for any ballet dancer you know!... Continue Reading →

Why I’ve decided to stop doing pointe…

Hello all! Today I’ll be telling you all about my recent decision to stop doing pointe for this year.(🩰) First off, I’ll give you all a little of my pointe history! I’ve been en pointe for almost 4 years now. It has always been a struggle for me, because of my insanely flexible feet and... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

Hello everyone! well I'm back from my summer dance intensive, and it was so fun! I learned so much, and met so many wonderful new people! The first full day (Monday) felt like it was 3 days long 😂 But as the week went on, it went by so fast! We had chapel in the... Continue Reading →

Ballet update!

Hello guys! As I've mentioned before in this post, I am very busy this month! But I figured I'd hop on here and tell ya'll how dance has been going, since rehearsals have started, and the performance is next week! (!!!!!!!!!) Image found on the web We had our last class of the year on... Continue Reading →

Things people think about / associate with dance

Hello all, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I'm talking about some things people commonly think about and associate with dance / dancers (specifically ballet). I'll be addressing and talking about these assumptions! I think there a lot of false assumptions about dancers. And I thought I'd let you guys know what they are... Continue Reading →

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