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I’m back!

Hello everyone! well I’m back from my summer dance intensive, and it was so fun! I learned so much, and met so many wonderful new people!

The first full day (Monday) felt like it was 3 days long 😂 But as the week went on, it went by so fast! We had chapel in the morning, consisting of worship and a short message, and then started our first class of the day at 10:20am. We had all different teachers throughout the week, which was awesome!

At the end of the day (usually dinner ended at around 6:30pm) we had small group, and then depending on the night, creative worship!

Creative worship nights are where everyone from all the classes including staff and teachers, get together and spend time in the studio praying and spending time resting in the Lord. They play worship music during the time as well, and encourage you to worship freely; whether that sitting in prayer, or going out and dancing to the song just however the spirit moves you. A lot of us, including me, cried during creative worship, for so many various reasons. But it was amazing to have that re-focus time to focus on God and really be reminded of why we dance and who we dance for!

Overall it was a great week, and i learned a lot! I’m really sad however that I won’t get to see everyone I met until the intensive next summer, as a lot of them live across the country.

Anyways, that’s a little recap of how the summer intensive went! I am so stoked to save up the money and go next year!!

Now I’m going to share a few quotes / phone and or laptop backgrounds for you guys to use! I’m giving ya’ll permission to use these for your own use, but if you share them please don’t forget to give credit to this blog, as I am the one who created these!

Thanks for stopping by, God bless! ❤

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  1. Ahh, such gorgeous pictures! I’m glad you had a good intensive!! This week has been a doozy for me … I took a long awaited swim course, which was sooo tiring! 😅 But I got through it, that’s what counts!

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    1. Thank you!
      Oh how fun!! I feel like I’m the moment some activities are just so hard and then afterwards you can look back and see how helpful it was and how much you learned!!

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  2. Very nicely written Amber!!! I wish I could have kept up with writing about our time there but we were so busy that the time slipped away. It’s funny that you felt like it went by fast, I felt like it lasted at least three weeks if not a month😂

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    1. Yes it was! And ya I can totally send you some photos, tho I didn’t get many lol. I need to text other people who were in my class and see if they have any more!


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