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Answering all of your questions

Hey ya’ll; I’m back with my answering your questions about dance, post!

I’m just gonna jump into it. (questions will be in bold)

What is your favorite part about dancing?

Hmmm.. The fact that I can use my gifts to glorify the One who gave them to me! It brings me so much joy to just be able to worship my Lord and Savior!

Did you ever forget the steps to a song while dancing, and if yes what did you do then?

Yes, I definitely have!! If I am in a group dance, I will just glance and see what the people around me are doing, and follow them. If it’s during a solo, I just improvise and do whatever I want if I forgot the actual choreography. It actually works well during a solo because no one watching will know if it was the real choreography or not 😉

Do you end up with blisters? If you do, then how do you treat and bandage them to where they heal without getting worse while still being able to dance?

Which is also similar to this other question: How do you deal with blisters?

Good question! I personally don’t get a whole ton of blisters (thankfully). But when I do (usually from doing pointe) I band-aid it and maybe will take a break from pointe for a couple days to a week. But eventually where the blister was will turn into a callus, which will help keep that spot from blistering again! If you’re getting blisters from pointe often, you might not have the right shoes for your feet, and may want to get re-fitted next time you need new pointe shoes!

How many days a week do you recommend doing pointe?

It depends on how many days a week you dance, and if you have specific pointe classes or not. I dance a total of 4 days a week, and do pointe pretty much whenever the teacher asks us/wants us to; which is usually 3 days a week currently.

If you could have any role in the Nutcracker, which one would it be?

Hmmm… Probably Shepherdess, Dew Drop, or a Doll! But I’m really totally fine with whatever role I get when I do the nutcracker 🙂

How do you usually deal with sore or tight muscles from dancing?

I usually roll out with my roller and stretch a LOT. That’s pretty much all I do.

How many times do you dance a week?

I dance 4 days a week!

What is your favorite role you’ve done?

I haven’t gotten many roles as our recitals are just a compilation of worship songs, or a story line from the bible (which I absolutely love doing!!!) But I really enjoyed being Snow Queen in the nutcracker that helped organize and put on in December!

What other styles have you tried other than ballet?

I do Modern/contemporary in addition to ballet classes. I haven’t done anything else as of right now.

How do you learn to do the tippy toe thing? Doesn’t that hurt??

Lol, practice and a good teacher. And yes it can hurt, but once you find the right shoes and what works best for you, it doesn’t hurt all the time; you get used to it.

Do you have any tips for people en pointe?

Know your body and when you’re pushing yourself too much! This doesn’t just go for people en pointe, but for everyone! When you’re en pointe though, you need to learn to push yourself so you can grow and learn how to do things, but don’t push yourself to the pointe of twisting an ankle, or not being able to support yourself!

What is the hardest part of dance? Most fun?

Hmm, tough question. The hardest part of dance for me is 1. pointe work (I’ve never been great at pointe and have always struggled with it), and 2. trying my hardest even when I don’t feel like it! Sometimes you just don’t feel quite as motivated and that’s ok, but I still need to be doing my best!

As for the funnest part of dance…. There are so many! Probably 1. being able to dance for my Savior, and 2. getting to opportunity to dance alongside some wonderful christian women!!

What is your favorite style/color of leotard? What, in your opinion, is the worst style/color of leotard?

Ahhh another tough question!!!! I do really love black because it can just look so elegant! But I also love plum purple, and slate blue as leotard colors. I dunno why! For style, I personally like a good boat neck (even though I don’t own any boatneck leotards currently), because with my broad shoulders I think it looks nice, and I know that there will be good coverage on the front which is something I look for and want!

I don’t prefer maroon leotards just because that was the dress code for me one year, and I got tired of that color really quickly for some reason. But If I still had a maroon leotard I would totally wear it. I also do NOT like bright colors. I actually have a hot pink leotard that was supposed to be plum…. Long story short, I have to dye it and still haven’t worn it. Worst style? Totally up to personal preference, along with color etc.!

These were all great questions, and I hope I was able to answer them well! As I said in my last post, My June is insanely crazy, so I might not get back to you comments for a bit; really just whenever I find time. 🙂

God bless you guys!

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