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Things people think about / associate with dance

Hello all, and welcome back to my blog!

Today, I’m talking about some things people commonly think about and associate with dance / dancers (specifically ballet). I’ll be addressing and talking about these assumptions!

I think there a lot of false assumptions about dancers. And I thought I’d let you guys know what they are (you’ve probably heard some of them), and just talk a little bit about them.

  1. Ballet dancers are skinny / small.

This is not true. I am not very thin, and also am quite tall, and I have been doing ballet for years. This is an unfortunate stereotype, but a lot of people think it’s true. Some professional ballet companies have a “you have to weigh this much, and have to be this tall” in order to get into the company. I hope that will change someday!

2. Ballet dancers are either little 6 year old’s with tutu’s, or they’re elite professionals.

This isn’t true either! I personally am not a professional dancer, and probably won’t ever be. But I still dance and enjoy it so much!

3. Adults can’t start ballet.

Adults certainly can, and do start taking ballet classes past the age of 20 all the time! Even if you start ballet later on in life, you can still get good at it!

4. All dancers have to do pointe when they can / are old enough.

I’ve sort of found this to be somewhat of a problem. If I didn’t “have to do” pointe, I probably wouldn’t! I struggle a lot with doing pointe; always have and probably always will. I have very flexible feet, and so until I find that “perfect shoe” It will continue to be extremely hard for me. Plus, I know I’m just naturally a better dancer on flat. I do wish that if dancers didn’t feel like they wanted to do pointe, they didn’t have to. But as it is, usually unless you have an injury or have some sort of medical problem in your feet or something, generally you gotta do it.

5. Ballet is easy.

Hmmm… How can I put this. Ballet is not easy. It takes years to be able to do (and do well) advanced level combinations etc. Ballet is also something that you can never perfect. Even the top professionals are continually striving to improve and be a better dancer than they were yesterday.

I’ve heard that football players sometimes choose to take ballet classes, because it will improve their strength and control. Ballet is also extremely hard because it’s not just working out, you have to add artistry and expression. All while looking like it’s the easiest thing in the world!

You all should try a ballet class at least once lol. It really improves coordination, precision, strength, and balance!

This last one is whether or not dance is a sport.

This has been very controversial, and it still is. According to google, ballet is not a sport. It says that the reason why is because ballet is not competitive. And I’m finding now, that if it were competitive, we probably would not have to wear masks, because we would qualify as a sport. Anyways…

Google also says:

Ballet, according to a 1975 study by Dr. James A. Nicholas in The Journal of Sports Medicine. The study, which examined 61 different activities, ranked ballet most physically and mentally demanding, followed by bullfighting and then football.”

So there you have it. Ballet is harder than football. I personally think dance is a sport; we work just as hard (if not a bit harder) as sports players and athletes.

Kay guys! That’s all for today! Don’t forget to comment down below and let me know if you consider ballet a sport! I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying,

“I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”

John 8:12 NKJV

30 thoughts on “Things people think about / associate with dance

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  1. This is so true! People are sometimes so stereotypical when you’re a dancer, and I really do think it should be considered as something more than an art. Great post as always, Amber!

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      1. 😂Well I mean some dancers could decide to do that I guess lol. And some dancers wear leggings or biker shorts instead sometimes. But to answer your assumption, the tights ain’t what gives us the ability to dance🤣

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  2. Hands down ballet should definitely be considered a sport.
    The most beautiful sport, that is.🌹

    You’re combining strength, coordination, and elegance all into something so beautiful, that’s hard work!

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  3. I totally consider ballet to be a sport! There’s essentially the same amount of muscle preparation and concentration as in other sports like basketball and volleyball, where you have to time plays almost exactly. But in ballet, it also has to look PERFECT! (not to put too much pressure on dancers … 😅) So yeah, I totally agree. It’s also shocking how dangerous the “skinny” culture is, in sports like ballet and jockeying …. like, “if you weigh too much, you can’t do this or that” … and to an extent, obviously you can’t force a small pony to race with a big jockey, or a slender boy to lift a girl twice his weight, but the pervading “sense” of “needing” to be skinny, is detrimental enough to young girls even with the “skinny” culture that hides in every crevice of teen culture today as well! (Ooops, sorry for ranting! 😆) But anyway, I really agreed with this post!
    I have a question … as a dancer, you have to do ballet exercises and stretching, but do you have to do other kinds of exercises, like working out/yoga/etc?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so glad that some people who don’t dance still consider it a sport!!
      And I totally agree with what you said on how toxic our culture is becoming regarding height and weight “stereotypes” and what is “inacceptable”. It’s continually teaching girls that they aren’t good enough and that should attempt to become someone that they weren’t created to be!

      To answer your question, Many of us dancers do normal workouts (abs etc.) on our own at home, along with “conditioning” which is sort of like strength training that helps hold the muscles we need to hold in ballet (if that makes any sense😆). We do conditioning in class sometimes too! And we also do warm-up before class, which includes an ab workout, leg workouts, etc.! Does that answer your question?😂

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      1. Absolutely, preach it, girl!! XD
        Oh yes, for sure!! All I have experienced in ballet was learning a few basic positions, so I never learned many of the at-home practice/conditioning techniques! XD Thanks for the info!

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  4. In no way shape or form do I believe ballet is easy! I believe it’s for those who have the inclination and talent. Some are of of course better than others.

    My seemingly impossible thoughts about it is how y’all do the tippy toe thing. Which I believe is why some people believe it’s for skinny girls who weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. But I’ve seen plus size women dance and it just reaffirms that it’s an inclination and talent.

    My .02 cents 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great thoughts!!! And yes I think that many believe girls have to be skinny/small to do poite, and that’s just not true! I had a teacher last year who was more muscular, and it was so encouraging and inspiring to see her go after her dreams! She is a wonderful dancer and I still look up to her!
      It also doesn’t help when all of the teachers I had had were very skinny and short… It was really hard to find contentment in who God created me to be!

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      1. Well, I’ve never seen you dance. But I do see your zeal and dedication to ballet and that says something.

        I’m not really happy with my poetry and my guitar skills all the time. But some would call me a poet and guitarist.

        So… you’re a dancer!

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      2. Yeah! I am in no way a good dancer. I have SO much I have to work on and improve in. Even if someone isn’t the best at something, or are not pursuing it as a professional career, they should still have the ability to try their hardest 😉 And we all have things we need to keep working at and improving with!

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  5. Hey! That’s a great post! Everything is SO true. The assumptions people make and the truth behind it all is totally different then what people think. Also as a dancer I feel like ballet is a sport. I feel like any sport is something where you run around or exercise ect and we do a lot of running and jumps and stretching ect. I definitely think ballet is a sport! I think that’s also an assumption people make about dancers is that ballet isn’t hard to do and doesn’t take a lot of work (which is kinda what you said in your post) ballet is really hard work and not everyone can just do it and be “good” at it, it takes a lot of work to be able to do the stuff that dancers do.Sorry if that sounds like I’m ranting but Im not lol

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    1. Totally agree with you 100%. It’s sad that people can sometimes just assume these things, without doing any research on it!!
      And honestly, if you talk to any dancer, they’ll most likely tell you how hard they have to work, and that they definitely consider it a sport!!


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