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Answering your Assumptions!

Hey guys! Today I’ll be answering your assumptions about me!

Assumptions from Reagan

  • You love lemon flavored things

In general, I do!

  • You like to go on vacation

Yes, but who doesn’t?! We don’t go on vacation often, which makes it all the more special and fun when we do go on one!

  • You wear your hair in a ponytail all the time

This one is yes and no. I prefer to have my hair down actually, but that’s just because I have to put my hair into a bun every day because of ballet. So long story short, I end up having my hair in a ponytail a lot, but that’s just because I do ballet and after class, I just keep my hair up. (wow that was a long answer😂)

  • You have a pet dog

Nope! But We do have 2 cats, and LOTS of chickens!

Assumptions from Gabi

  • You are really good at memorizing verses

Eh… Not really😆 I have a terrible memory lol

  • You love chocolate 

YESSSSSS (as long as it’s not white chocolate.. and preferably not milk.. so if it’s dark chocolate, I’ll be good.)

Assumptions from Makayla

  • You like navy blue

Yes! (Not my favorite color)

  • You are a good singer

You’d have to ask someone else who’s heard me sing, but no, I don’t think I am… I wish I was though!!!!!

  • Your favorite fruit is mango

I do LOVE mango/mango flavor in things like smoothies etc.

  • You still remember key lines from the kid’s movies you used to watch

Yes! Definitely!!

  • You’ve never broken a bone

I have broken my right hand pinky finger, and numerous toes as well 😂 I am the queen of falling down and or up the stairs, and stubbing my toes hehe.

  • When meeting new people, you can be shy at first, but after an hour or two you can chat it up like you’ve always known them

This is very accurate! Sounds like you know my personality well haha!

Assumptions from Smuckerlife 

  • You have 1 sibling

I have more than 2 siblings!

  • Your favorite colors are pastel pink, lavender, and seafoam green

I do like all of those colors, but the only one that might make it into my “favorites category” would be seafoam green.

  • You have been out of your home country at least once


Assumptions from Anna

  • You play an instrument

Not really… I’m sort of teaching myself piano though!

  • You really like chocolate


  • Your favorite color is blue

Yes and no…. it depends on what kind/shade of blue.

  • Your favorite thing to bake is cake

No, this is not true actually! I love baking cookies and muffins the best!

  • Your favorite animals are cats

I don’t really have a favorite animal (there are sooo many and they’re all so cute!) But I do adore cats and I also miss our horses very much!

Assumptions from Allie

  • You’re an early riser

Not by choice 😆

  • You like coloring and artsy type stuff

Yes! 100%!

  • You like your hair longer vs. shorter

Hmmm… I like my hair medium length most of the year, and like cutting it a bit shorter for the summer.

  • You can’t wait to start driving

Very true!!

Assumptions from Liesl 

  • You are really organized

No, not really. But it does depend on what exactly your talking about. I can be organized with some things, and not with others!

  • You get straight A’s

No, sadly I don’t lol. Almost!! If it weren’t for math 😂 I am not analytical at all!

  • Your favorite color is pink

Nope. I do end up wearing it a lot though…

  • You are super creative

I would say yes! But in order to get a more accurate answer, you’d have to ask someone else who knows me well. 🙂

Assumptions from Grace

  • You’re taller than most of your friends

Umm……….. This is a definite yes. Me, being quite a bit taller than the average height for women in the US, and being around the same height as the average guy in the US, most all of my friends are shorter than me..except 1 I think. (not including my siblings)

Assumptions from Faith On The Farm

  • You don’t like to wear hats

If I actually had a hat, I would wear it, but seeing as I don’t currently have one, I couldn’t really tell you!

Thanks so much for the awesome assumptions guys!! This post was really fun to create!

Were you surprised with any of my answers? Were your assumptions correct? Let me know down in the comments!!

But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.

2 Peter 3:8 NKVJ

9 thoughts on “Answering your Assumptions!

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  1. This was a really good post idea and I loved how it turned out! I was actually super surprised that you don’t particularly like waking up earlly. Keep on blogging! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Yeah, I mean I DO wake up early, but all of my inspiration and motivation to get things done comes to me late at night XD
      And thank you! I definitely will, I love blogging so much! ❤


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