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God will turn the tables

Hey! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day! Today, I wanted to tell you guys about a YouTube ‘series’ called Give Him 15. If you head over to the YouTube channel here, you’ll meet a man named Dutch Sheets. He is the executive director of Christ for the Nations Institute and an internationally recognized author, teacher, and conference speaker. On his YouTube, he has a series called Give Him 15. He posts a new video every day, and has a prayer for each day, and talks about scripture etc. Each episode is 15 minutes give or take a few. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Now today, I wanted to post specifically about his video from Feb. 24th. It’s called God will turn the tables.

I’m going to type out parts of it that I though were really interesting & inspiring.

“We must remember, things are not always as they appear. The following a story illustrates this.”

“A traveler, in between flights at an airport, went to a lounge, and bought a small package of cookies, sat down, and began reading a newspaper. Gradually, she became aware of a rustling noise. From behind her paper, she became flabbergasted to see a neatly dressed man helping himself to her cookies. Not wanting to make a scene, yet wanting to let him know that they were hers, she leaned over and took a cookie herself. A minute or two passed and then came more rustling. He was helping himself to another cookie! Finally they came to the end of the package; there was one cookie left. She was so angry, she didn’t dare allow herself to say anything. Then, adding insult to injury, the man broke the remaining cookie in two, pushed half across to her, ate the other half, and left. Still fuming sometime later, when her flight was announced, the woman opened her handbag to get her ticket, and to her shock and embarrassment, there she found her pack of unopened cookies.”

I thought this story was interesting… I mean, how many times in life do we assume things? It must have been a terrible feeling to find that you were actually the one taking the man’s cookies, all because of an assumption. Definitely a lesson never learned quick enough.

But no matter what our mistakes are, we are meant to learn from them, so that we can choose to not make the same mistake next time. And God can use every situation for His plan, and for His good works. Even things that Satan throws at us, God can turn it around, and use it for good.

“God used Satan, the crafty one, to make preparations for the ultimate sacrifice, Christ’s Crucifixion.”

“One can only imagine Satan’s excitement as he hued the wood or prepared the cross, for Christ’s sacrifice. How crafty must he have felt as he orchestrated the making of the crown of thorn’s, watched the spikes being driven, and the spear being thrust into Christ. But his joy turned into terror, when he learned he was aiding in his own destruction. God had turned the tables on the crafty one.

“God can reverse the subtleties of the adversary of the devil, and use them to bring about good, through His amazing wisdom, which always supersedes Satan’s subtlety. Our mistakes can actually become instruments of God’s redemptive purposes. The cross is God’s ultimate proof that He can turn your circumstances around, and even bring good from evil.”

What a perfect example of how the Lord can use ALL things for His glory, am I right?! Anyways, he goes on to say…

“God intends to do this for America. Satan has deceived many in our nation. Some believe we simply don’t need God. The devil has convinced others that there are many gods and or many ways to God. Others have been deceived into outright rebellion. God however, is going to save millions of deceived Americans. There is coming a strong revelation of His Son, Jesus, and His salvation.”

“The presence of the Lord will be heavy in our land,opening the eyes of many. Do not doubt this. He is coming with a tidal wave of love and mercy to the lost and the hurting. Get ready.

What an amazing time that we live in guys….right now we have a HUGE opportunity to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus!

This was just a portion of Dutch Sheets’ episode called God will turn the tables, and I encourage you all to go watch it! Just click here to watch the full episode!

(All text within the quotation marks are from Dutch Sheets, within his Feb. 24th episode of ‘Give Him 15’.)

Wherever you are in the world, YOU have a wonderful opportunity to do good, and share the love of Christ! Even if it’s through your work, while you do school and chores, etc.

I really felt the need to share about this today, and I hope it inspired you! What are some things you’re finding ways to do good in? I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤

3 thoughts on “God will turn the tables

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  1. That’s an incredible story and very telling. What a way to have the tables turn and see your perspective shift! The goodness and light in the hearts of people can set us on the right path. It’s interesting. That story is one of the best examples I’ve ever heard when it comes to the impact of kindness. It’s about mindset too. The man in the suit came to see the situation as an opportunity to give. He just let the situation be and acted as his highest self. That’s a really tough thing to do sometimes. Sharing is something we’re taught from a very young age but it’s actually a complex concept. One can understand what it means to share but one also has to embrace the act of it, not just the mere idea in theory!

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    1. I totally agree! When I heard the story of the man in the suit with his beloved cookies, I thought, wow…I wonder if I was in that situation, would I do the same thing? To be honest, it would be really hard, and I think that stories like this can show us places we need to improve in, that we didn’t even know about! Man, how the Lord works in weird ways sometimes 😆

      Liked by 1 person

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